Baby Blanket for Inti

This was a commission for a very lovely grandmother-to-be. I am not sure I would have chosen the pattern myself, but the end result was quite satisfying.

It is funny how each knitter tends to find their own zone. Socks, jumpers, baby clothes, large and straight-forward, small and fiddly. I definitely fall into the lace or small and fiddly category. I would much rather spend long periods of time working out a small, but complex project, than hours of mindless knitting. However, I know many people who get so much out of the repetitive process involved in basic stocking or garter stitch – each to their own I guess!

The wool, needles and pattern were passed through three people before they landed in my lap. Once I started the blanket I had a text message from the person I was knitting it for, letting me know that the baby was going to be a boy and his name was likely to be Inti. This seemed like a very happy coincidence considering my partner’s name happens to be Inti – not the most usual of names (in this country).

With the left over yarn I made a small hat for baby Inti. I hope both he and his family enjoy the hat and the blanket and wish them a wonderful future together.