A loose term to cover the things that don’t appear to fit anywhere else.

Victorian Dress

A while back we were invited to a wedding, but this was a wedding with a difference,  the invite said: “please come dressed from your favourite era, 2012 B.C. to 2012 A.D.  After my boyfriend bought a top hat and tails I decided that I should go in matching Victorian style. Of course I had no intention of spending any real money (mostly because I had no real money to spend) and so I spent the next 6 weeks designing and creating an outfit. This was the result.

I began with an old puffed-sleeve, floor-length, A-line dress made by my mother long before I was born. Without going into the details I then altered it, hitching it up, adding a lot of lace and perhaps most significantly a bustle!

Some of it was very enjoyable, a lot was very frustrating, but in the end I was pleased with the result and I received many compliments on the day – mission accomplished! Call me big headed but if I’m honest this dress was all about impressing a large audience with what I could create. I could have gone out and hired or bought something far more authentic-looking but the satisfaction of knowing I came up with this entirely from scratch and at zero cost was worth every painful hour I spent sewing and pricking myself with pins and needles.

Even the accessories were things I dug out from the back of my wardrobe (or other peoples). The boots were the ones my mother got married in, the jewellery mostly belonged to my grandmother though she had never worn it and the parasol I bought in Venice about 4 years ago. And thank goodness I had it! The weather on the day was ridiculously hot, not only for the time of year but also for the country. Without it the heavy, long-sleeved cotton dress and lace up to my throat, not to mention the three layers of petticoat and heavy bustle would have been to much to bear. I have to admit, once the ceilidh got into full swing I did have to abandon the Victorian look for something a bit more modern.

Thank you to Inti and a couple of others, whose names escape me, for the wonderful photographs. And thank you to Matt and Mary whose crazy idea it was to get married amongst every decade since 2012 B.C.

Oh, and I sew as well!

Cushion cover made for my sister on a beautiful old hand-powered singer sewing machine. Very satisfying to make,  just hope it fits!

And with the off-cuts:

Birthday Butterflies

Over the last few months I have made a lot of Christmas and birthday cards using a scalpel. Really love the results though it is quite hard going on the fingers. In some of them I have also included text written with the typewriter but it desperately needs a new ribbon. I would be very happy if anyone would like to commission me to make a few for them, no order is too small and depending on the design they need not be expensive. So far designs have included butterflies, robins, wrens, lizards, cockerels, mice, cupcakes, sheep, new homes, christmas trees, stars, mistletoe, holly and even menorahs (a bit out of season now but maybe you could order in bulk for next year?). The possibilities are endless and I would love some new ideas for designs. Prices will vary depending on designs and quantities but to get a quote just contact me.

Dream Catcher

Made this as a last minute idea for my nephew for christmas. Bad dreams are caught in the web and trickle down the dangly bits to fall to to ground as dew (good dreams slip through the web, obviously). Someone made one for me when I was small and I believed in it enough that I’m sure it worked. 


Old work revisited

This was a piece put together for my A-Level. It has been lying around for four years now as I have never quite liked it enough to make real use of it. Last week I decided to see if I could make some improvements, I am fairly pleased with the result though I think the whole thing has just got a bit over-crowded.

This Year’s Pumpkin

This little beaut need very little explanation. We  bought it at borough market for the bargain price of £1.50 and I decided that scary faces where boring so this was the treatment it got. Needless to say I got bored about half way through but by then I had made the commitment.

Mimi Snout’s BSJ

This Baby Surprise Jacket was knitted by the pool in Lanzerote in January of this year. It is a clever pattern by Elizabeth Zimmerman, knitted in one piece that is then carefully folded to create the shape with just two seams to join along the tops of the arm. I would love to do another one someday,  just need an obliging baby to knit one for,  Mimi has grown out of hers now but look how well it fitted…