Tops and toes

When you need a quick little fix or the satisfaction of finishing something halfway through a more challenging piece…Baby and photo courtesy of Hannah Southern

Mittens Mittens Mittens

Lacy, Fingerless, Fairisle, Manly, Bright, Warm, Practical, Frivolous. Pick a word and apply it to mittens,  then get me to make them for you! Supply your own wool or investigate my stash, just get in touch to find out what can be done to keep anything between your elbow and you fingertips warm (or at least pretty)! Sock scarves and much more available on request.

Fairisle Beret

After knitting my Christmas Jumper I have been on a small fairisle binge. This is one of the resulting pieces. Made in super-soft wool lace-wight this beret is incredible fine. It is a largish size and shows a few of the traditional fairisle patterns. and the best news? It is for sale! Just £20 and this could be yours.

Christmas jumper

This was a Christmas present from my parents, a Jumper in kit form. It is a Rowan pattern knitted up in Rowan Fine Tweed (with one colour substituted). I am super pleased with the results and though it is not exactly as the pattern wanted I will wear it for as long as it lasts. It was knitted over the twelve days of a very happy Christmas which makes it all the more special due to its lovely associations. I would love to do something similar again though I would probably convert the pattern to be in-the-round so that there weren’t so many blasted seems. Finally, I can highly recommend an afternoon button shopping in liberty’s but you’ll have to be careful not to get distracted by the amazing range of fabric.

Pink Mittens

Everybody needs mittens right? Well even if they don’t, that’s what they’re all getting. These pink ones are typical of what I have been churning out, made from left over yarn (these are particularly special 70% alpaca, 20% silk, 10% cashmere) and with a lacy pattern to fend off the boredom. 



Luxurious Lace

As you may have gathered I have been obsessively knitting for some time now. I chose this pattern thinking that it might take me a little longer than my usual pieces, it did,  16 days to be precise. There were a couple  of tricky stitches including the dreaded ‘nupp’ which I hadn’t attempted before but which despite much apprehension actually turned out to be fine. I am super pleased with the result and can’t wait to wear the thing! The yarn is of a particularly special variety, ‘Alice Lace’ 70% baby alpaca, 20% silk, 10% cashmere mmm mmmm…..

p.s. I managed to wear this twice before it went missing at the Bulgarian Embassy of all places. Finally made it’s way back to me though! phew!

Adamas -Triangular Shawl for sale

The name of this piece means ‘diamonds’ for obvious reasons. This was my first triangular shawl and is still looking for a home. I really enjoyed knitting it as the yarn is beautifully soft, a combination of wool and silk. Make it yours or a very special gift for just £45 (£50 elsewhere). Fancy a different colour? Just email me.

Practical Knits

In between my larger pieces I like to use up my left over yarn in as many practical ways as possible. I find it so satisfying when you get to the end of a knit with just a few centimetres of wool left over. However, I often find myself creating things that I’m pretty sure I could do without if it weren’t for the need to use up the yarn, here are a couple of examples. The first can’t really be called a pencil case as it doesn’t close, more of a pencil tidy I guess, and the second it a case for my phone which has gone without a case for the last few months and therefore is already irreversibly scratched. The latter two might be considered to have genuine utility, a pencil case for my nephew to hold his new lyras and a camera case for my new camera. 



Mimi Snout’s BSJ

This Baby Surprise Jacket was knitted by the pool in Lanzerote in January of this year. It is a clever pattern by Elizabeth Zimmerman, knitted in one piece that is then carefully folded to create the shape with just two seams to join along the tops of the arm. I would love to do another one someday,  just need an obliging baby to knit one for,  Mimi has grown out of hers now but look how well it fitted…